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Roller Derby!

ALL IN: Community Roller Derby
Sunnah Sports Academy Trust - Roller Derby Taster Sessions


Are you interested in trying a new sport?  Have you heard of roller derby?  ALL IN: Community Roller Derby are hoping to work with Sunnah Sports Academy Trust to offer taster sessions.  They will provide the necessary equipment and coaches - all you need to do is come along to SSAT to try out roller skating and learn what roller derby is all about!   In summary it is a female-led sport on played on roller skates.  It is suitable for all ages, all shapes and sizes and all levels of fitness.  It is a contact sport but there are options for no, low or full contact, and ALL IN will teach you everything you need to know!

If you would be interested in coming to a free session, either to try or to watch, let us know here  This is just an expression of interest at this stage, depending on how many of you want to try, we'll organise a few sessions and you can sign up for the one that suits you best!  

(Note, these sessions will be female-only).   

What to expect at your first session: 

First, you’ll be introduced to the coach. You’ll be fitted for your kit. We train in roller skates. To keep us safe, we wear helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads! We’ll get you the best fit and show you how to put it on. 

We start with an off-skates warm up. It’s really important as a new skater that you start by warming up your muscles. As soon as you put skates on, everything is using muscles in a different way and you want them to be ready! 

You’ll be shown how to stand up and move and stop on skates. Once you’re comfortable with that, we’ll cover different skate skills, all which are important for playing roller derby. 

We’ll sit and de-kit together and chat about roller derby — this is a chance to ask questions and understand more about the sport. 

Will I play roller derby on the first day? 

No. The first step to playing roller derby is to learn to roller skate and be comfortable on skates. 

What if I fall over?

You might fall over! When we fall, we get back up again. But we’ll teach you how to keep your balance and stand safely in wheels to make sure that when you do fall, you fall safely. 

Do you wear padding?

Yes! We wear quite a lot of protection. Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet to help us stay safe when we fall. This is also important in the full contact game. 

How old do you have to be to play roller derby? 

Some junior leagues take children as young as 7. Some start at 12. 

Can children play?

If your children are interested in playing, please fill in the Expression of Interest form. The planned taster sessions are for ages 16+ but if we have enough interest, we will plan some sessions for younger children.

Can I bring my children with me to watch the session?
For the taster sessions, we don’t have enough coaches to keep an eye on the children as well as run the session so we ask that you don’t bring your children with you. It can be dangerous for little fingers and toes to be in a room with people learning how to roller skate. 

Do I need to be fit?

Being fit can help, but it’s not a requirement! Roller skating and playing roller derby is a great way to get fit. 

Can men play or this only a female sport?

There are mens teams and all gender teams, but roller derby is a primarily female sport. Our taster sessions at Sunnah Sport Academy will be female-only.

Is it scary?

You might find it scary. You’re putting wheels on your feet! You’ll feel tall and a bit unstable and some people find that scary. Others find it awesome. But we’re there to teach you how to be comfortable on your skates – so it shouldn’t be scary for long. 

Is it full contact?

Roller derby is a full contact sport. But there are many different rules and variations which are accessible to folks who aren’t keen on full contact. There are also a lot of ways to get involved in roller derby without playing the game. We have a strong officiating and volunteer community, both on and off skates. 

How long will it take me to learn?

Everyone learns at a different rate and it’s never a good idea to compare your learning journey to others. We tell most new skaters to plan for about 4-6 months to get the basic skills for game play. 

Do I need my own skates?

Nope, we’ll provide you with everything you need for the session. 

I have my own skates, can I use these?

Absolutely! Just let us know when you send your expression of interest. 

What do I need to wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. No long skirts or blue jeans. You might find joggers uncomfortable with the knee pads. 

Answers to other frequently asked questions can be found here:




What is fencing?

Fencing is a sport of lunging.

It requires the use of a wide range of motion to respond and deflect opposing attacks. The core, arms, and legs all develop a good deal of flexibility in regular fencers. 

Is fencing good for me?

The most direct health benefit of fencing is the exercise component of the sport.  Each fencing session is a full-body workout and challenges muscles ranging from those in the feet and lower legs all the way up to the neck, shoulders and arms. Fencing places a number of physical fitness demands on its participants. The sport develops fitness, agility, speed, strength, coordination, balance and timing. Physical ability is just as important is having a strong mental edge. It involves the analysis of strategy, tactics and psychological control, as well as mental awareness, coordination, strength, balance, dexterity and aerobic fitness.

Can fencing help me to lose weight?

Fencing is a great exercise. While it's certainly a lot of fun, it is also a great way to burn calories and build up your endurance. On average, a 150-pound woman burns about 400 calories per hour while participating in a fencing workout or match. The exercises keep your body moving and your heart pumping to improve your level of fitness, burn calories and lose weight.

Is  fencing dangerous?

As dangerous as it sounds fencing ranked a mere 2.5% injury rate — only slightly higher than diving and synchronised swimming. It just goes to show that with proper gear and good common sense, fencing is no more dangerous than table tennis!

Count me in!

If you would like to take part, simply give us a call and find out how to join. Junior classes also available.


Duke of Edinburgh

Did you know Sunnah Sports Academy Trust activities may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh Award?!
The award comprises of multiple categories and we may be able to sign off in the following sections:

  • Volunteering 
  • Physical activities 
  • Skills

Please check with your Duke of Edinburgh award leader for relevance and applicability before attending.